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A well known company for hydraulic molding machines

They specialize in the development, design and marketing of injection molding machines.


Established 1978 - the beginning of the country's reform and opening up period, they were started to produce from a simple PVC edge strip to now a series of two color or multi-color coextrusion, hard-soft co-extrusion in different kinds of plastics resins, capable of producing all kinds of special shape, forming the profile products with great complexities. Our Major products are: lampshades, window or door PVC profiles, trunkings, drywall corner beads, sealing strips, microfoamed sheeting, tubing and injection molded parts.

Extrusion dies, plastic packaging extrusion, Hard and soft color coextrusion, etc


Trusted company for plastic manufacturing.

PVC pipe plant, HDPE pipe plant, PVC compounding plant, cable extrusion line, PVC trunking plant, PVC profile plant etc.


Illig Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG is one of the leading suppliers to the world's most extensive range of machines and tools for thermoforming and packaging technology. Thermoplastics provide customers in over 80 countries, manufactures sophisticated, high-precision parts. Nearly 750 employees develop and produce these complex manufacturing systems

Thermoforming machines, Packaging technology machines etc


A well known company for plastic manufacturer.

PVC pipe line protection, Banbury mixer,double- pipe extrusion line,plastic strainer, etc


Leading manufacturer for plastic thermoforming machineLeading manufacturer for plastic thermoforming machine

Plastic thermoforming machine, Air-pressure & vacuum forming machine, medium size vacuum forming machine, cup production line, etc.