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United states of America

Crane Co. is a diversified manufacturer of engineered industrial products. Founded in 1855, Crane provides products and solutions to customers in the aerospace, defense, medical, electronics, and hydrocarbon processing, petrochemical, chemical, power generation, automated merchandising, transportation and other markets. Crane Co. has five business segments: Aerospace & Electronics, Fluid Handling, Engineered Materials, Merchandising Systems and Controls. Crane has 10,500 employees in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Crane Co. is traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:CR)

Mainly three product application which are SPACE,HIGH RELIABLITY,INDUS TRIAL . Product types are; EMI FILTER, hermetic hybrid DC/DC converter, TMP(Thermal mounting pads)

United states of America

DMA-Aero design and manufacture Aviation Ground Support Equipment (AGSE) such as; RVSM Air Data Test Sets and Systems, fly-by-wire flight control surface movement analyzers, tachometer test sets, tilt tables and equipment designed to customer specifications. This precision aircraft ground test equipment is used in over 80 countries worldwide by established overhaul bases, civil airlines and general aviation. DMA-Aero traces its establishment via D.Marchiori s.r.l. back to 1938, mainly as a test equipment manufacturer to support European aviation requirements. As a growing and developing US company DMAAero is committed to continual product improvement to meet and exceed the exacting standards required in the aviation industry today.

Tilt tables, angle protectors, tacho testers, pressure indicators, air data test sets, transfer standards, pitotstatic adaptors.

United Kingdom

Hale Hamilton has, since 1947 been in the business of the design, development, manufacturing, supply and support of high performance / high pressure valves and valve systems, required to perform under critical conditions of pressure, flow & cleanliness, in satisfying the demanding technical requirements of defence and industrial customer's worldwide. Hale Hamilton is an ISO9001:2000

Valves, regulators, Filters, cylinder filling systems, gas supply systems, weapons panels, breathing air applications,etc.

United states of America

Founded in 1982, Laversab began as a key supplier to governments worldwide for high accuracy, pressure calibration instrumentation. As an audited and approved subcontractor to the United States Department of Defense, Laversab supplies highly rugged, military-specification products for the US Air Force and US Navy, as well as other government agencies. Most major aircraft manufacturers, and numerous airlines around the world, are also Laversab customers.

Mainly concentrate in AVIATION systems, OILFIELD systems. Products are, 3-output tester, automated pitot static tester, Military pitot static tester, high range pitot static tester, pressure/ vacuum systems, Rig floor computer, MWD surface systems

United states of America

Since 1969 Mensor Corporation has been designing and manufacturing precision pressure measuring and pressure calibration instruments and systems. From the very first quartz manometer for the aerospace industry, to the modern CPC 6000 Automated Pressure Calibrator today, Mensor, now a part of WIKA Calibration Line, specializes in providing quality pressure products and services to a wide variety of industries around the world.

Pressure calibrators, air data test sets, smart pressure transducers, barometers, dead weight testers, etc


MTU's roots date back to the early days of powered flight at the beginning of the 20th century. MTU Aero Engines is Germany's leading engine manufacturer and an established global player in the industry. It engages in the development, manufacture, marketing and support of commercial and military aircraft engines and industrial gas turbines.

Smallest propulsion system for aircraft like Low pressure turbines, and also can make subsystem like high pressure compressors.


Powervamp ltd was formed by M.D Richard Roller in 1993.Initially building a range of portable packs for starting cars, buses and trucks, it pioneered the first stainless steel, portable battery pack for starting helicopter turbines, and went on to develop a range of stainless steel packs for aircraft and vehicle starting.

Fields are; Aviation, Military, Automotive, Railway. Products are, Portable starters/GPU, 28v power DC battery Carts, Gasoline/ diesel GPU's, portable refueling pumps, lighting accessories


Aero Precision is a premier worldwide stocking distributor of Original Equipment Manufacturers' (OEM) aircraft parts. With more than 17 years of reliability, quality products and customer service we facilitate your purchasing process for military aircraft repair parts and services. Aero Precision has exclusive stocking distribution agreements with Honeywell, Hamilton Sundstrand, Crane Aerospace, Texstars, CEF and various other OEMs.

Air Conditioning and Environmental Control Systems Air Turbine Starters Aircraft Barrier Systems Aircraft Lighting Systems Anti Skid Systems Auxiliary Power Units


Air born technology has many years of experience in coordinating, developing and carrying out topographical and photogrammetric surveys.

Airborne Technologies offers a wide range of geodetic, photogrammetric and multimediabased products. E.g Fire fighting support, Border patrol, Vegetation analysis,etc

United states of America

EMS Technologies was founded in 1968 in Atlanta by technology visionary Dr. John E. Pippin (1928 - 2007), former vice president of Research at Scientific-Atlanta. The Company was one of the first firms to move into Gwinnett's Technology Park. From its earliest days, EMS focused on developing technologies for advanced wireless communications. Staffed by eight employees at its founding, EMS (then called Electromagnetic Sciences) was noted for its technical expertise and entrepreneurial spirit - and where companies turned to solve 'impossible' microwave problems.

Communication - Terminals Products Rugged Storage Products Tracking AFF - Mapping Products Communication - Peripherals Products Communication - Networking Products Communication - Antennas Products


Model range of small-size automatic radio compasses for all aircraft of military and civil aviation (???-32, ???- 35, ???-40). . Model range of aircraft receiverindicators ?-737 for high accuracy positioning of different objects by using NSS GLONASS/GPS signals (in perspective GALILEO) and ground radio navigation pulsephase systems. . Equipment for controlled weapon guidance systems. .Model range of products for autonomous ground-supported trajectory measurements of rocket boosters, upper-stage rockets and space vehicles. . High accuracy monitoring, search and rescue system intended for application under conditions of military operations. . Integrated satellite-inertial guidance equipment for high dynamic objects .

Valves, regulators, Filters, cylinder filling systems, gas supply systems, weapons panels, breathing air applications,etc.


Martin-Baker is the world's longest established and most experienced manufacturer of ejection seats and related equipment to safeguard the aviator throughout the escape, survival, location and recovery phases. It is the only company that can offer a fully integrated escape system that satisfies the very latest in pilot operational capability and safety standards offering a complete 'end-to-end service' from helping the customer to establish operational safety and escape requirements, design, development and qualification, to ongoing support throughout the entire service life of the aircraft. Martin-Baker appreciates fully that this equipment may represent the crew member's last chance to survive and that there can be no compromise. Every facet of the safety system from initiation, escape path clearance, ejection sequencing, stabilization, life support, parachute descent to final rescue, must work perfectly to safeguard a precious life. The aircrew member must also reach the ground uninjured, especially in a hostile environment, if they are to have the best possible chance of survival. It is because of this understanding, backed by 60 years of continuous ejection seat manufacturing, that only Martin- Baker can offer a fully integrated escape system that satisfies the very latest safety standards. Only Martin-Baker has saved over 7,283 aircrew lives in more than 93 Air Forces.

Ejection seats, crashworthy seats, fixed wiing,mine blast systems, restraint systems, survival equipments etc


Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant is one of the leading enterprises of Russia's aircraft-building industry and military-industrial complex. It is almost 70 years that it has been producing military and civil airplanes and helicopters, successfully operated all around the world. During these years we gained the unique experience of cooperation with practically all aircraft experimental design bureaus of the former USSR. This experience allows us working successfully in the modern conditions.

Multi functional helicopter, combat


Vulcanair was founded in 1996 and since then it has taken over the great heritage of fine Italian design and manufacturing in General Aviation.In 1998 Vulcanair purchased all the assets, type designs, trademarks and rights of Partenavia. Partenavia was one of the leading Italian General Aviation manufacturers established in 1957. Vulcanair's Aircraft have evolved through reengineering and updating from some of the designs of :Stelio Frati (SF600A)Luigi Pascale (P68 Series)In addition to this great heritage, since 1996 Vulcanair has invested in a new and motivated team of engineers whose goal is to apply new technologies and design techniques to General Aviation. Vulcanair new products entirely developed "in house" by our Design and Engineering department.

P68C A/C, P68C OBSERVER TYPE A/C, P68C 2 A/C etc


Breeze-Eastern Corporation is the #1 worldwide supplier of electric and hydraulic Rescue Hoist Systems for helicopters. On many customer programs, our products are supplied on a sole source basis and are utilized throughout the long life-cycle of these products. Our position, principally as a sole source supplier, continues as we support our customers with the sales of spare parts and product upgrades. Breeze-Eastern Corporation aggressively updates our existing products in keeping with changing mission and customer requirements to maintain and increase market share for systems, products and spare parts. These qualified and proprietary products support our long-term growth

Rescue Hoists and Accessories Cargo Winches and Accessories Cargo Hooks and Accessories Weapons Handling Systems


During the past 30 years, Chinese aviation industry has not only made contribution to Chinese defense with a series of products of superior performance, but also provided solutions of defense construction and specific defense products and related professional service for more than 79 countries in the world. Following the development strategy of AVIC, CATIC is committed to transfer more and more customers' demands into its drive and motivation of development and makes great efforts to be firstclass supplier of aviation products, technology and system solutions for customers home and aboard.

Fix-wing aircraft, rotorcraft, UAV system, airship, airborne and weapon equipment, airraid systems,etc


Kitco, Inc. was established in 1970 in Provo, Utah. Some of our original products consisted of simple fasteners and o-ring repair kits for aircraft hydraulic, fuel, and related systems. We later expanded into large aircraft structural modification kits and inhouse mechanical assemblies. OEM partnerships were established that led to several partnering agreements with OEMs in the areas of hazardous material handling, production, and integration kitting.

Support the military aircraft in the way of servicing and providing the engineered parts


L-3 WESCAM captures stabilized; high-magnification images from fixed-wing, rotary-wing, UAV and aerostat platforms. From lowaltitude tactical missions to longrange covert surveillance missions, images are transmitted in real-time to fixed and mobile receive locations for immediate interpretation. WESCAM's MXSeries of Electro-optic and Infrared (EO/IR), laser, surveillance and targeting systems provide unparalleled image stability and long-range detection capability to Defense/Military, Homeland Security and Airborne law enforcement agencies worldwide

WESCAM, a world leader in the design and manufacture of stabilized, multispectral airborne imaging systems, has joined the family of L-3 Communications to become L-3 WESCAM.L-3 Communications continues to deliver the world's 'best technology' solutions to advance America's defense needs for the future. Wescam's superior gyrostabilization, advanced EO/IR technology, and precision optics provide highperformance visual image intelligence from manned and unmanned aircraft, ships and other moving platforms.


The RO-RA Group is developing, qualifying and producing innovative system components made of metal, thermoplastics and elastomers for the automotive and aviation industry. The clear advantage for customers operating in different business sectors is the inter company cooperation between all of RO-RA's international locations all with their own individual competences and technologies offering a single solution to the customer.

Tie rods(AEROSTRUC T), shock absorbers(AEROS HOCK), dampers (AEROLIFT), assemblies.


Vitrociset was formed in 1992 from the merger of two Italian Companies, Ciset and Vitroselenia: the former mainly operating in the civil sector and the latter in the military one. Both Companies already had a specific thirty-year experience in design and development of complex electronics and informationtechnology systems.With the acquisition of EDA (Enterprise Digital Architects), in June 2009, Vitrociset is now expanding its business in the design and management of communication networks. In industrial terms, the operation has allowed Vitrociset to significantly expand its reference markets by strengthening its internal skills portfolio". Vitrociset conducts its activity in Italy and operates abroad through permanent establishments in Germany, Holland, Belgium, French Guyana and Saudi Arabia. In addition, on-site dedicated personnel are active in several countries all over the world (Middle/Far East, Africa, South America, etc.).

Supports air traffic management, command and control, telecommunicatio ns, information technology systems, integrated logistics for civil and military applications, etc.

United states of America

It was started at 1950.During the first forty two years of the company's existence high speed photographic images were generally "captured" on photographic film. The company excelled in teaching and applying high speed photography to numerous clients for a multitude of applications. The company also designed , manufactured and marketed products specific to the high speed photographic needs of its clients. The company's film based cameras were so widely accepted that they are national stock listed (NSN) by the US DoD.

High speed cameras