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Alfiso provides solutions for the insulating industry.

Extrusion dies, plastic packaging extrusion, Hard and soft color coextrusion, etcBulk fibres, flexible insulation, ceramic fibre textiles, mixtures, furnace refractory components, refractory parts for metallurgy, foundry etc.


Almax was established in 1966, and was the first independent workshop to build dies for extruding aluminium in Southern Europe. Today Almax operates for the best European and International extruders, offering decades of experience and renewed entrepreneurial capability in designing and producing dies and equipment for quality extrusion.

Dies for aluminium extrusion from 40 to 850 mm diameter, with special experience in hard alloys (7003-7005-7020-7075) and indirect presses, die rings, containers, shears, dummy blocks, stems etc.


A Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Industrial Air Filtration Products and Solutions

Industrial air cleaning and dust extraction systems


Having been striving for 15 year since 1996, Foshan NanHai WeiAo Machinery Co.,Ltd., has been one of the well-established Aluminum machines manufacturers in China. Due to our promising quality, comprehensive aftersales service and continuous improvement, our machines gain the recognition from major China and international customers.

Turnkey solutions for aluminium industry including foundry requirements, extrusion house requirement, anodizing house requirement


An Australian owned company with 40 years of experience in the design & manufacturing of Furnaces, Heat Processing Equipment and Engineering Services.

Furnaces, ovens, dryers, heaters, induction heating, combustion systems etc.


Glama delivers machines and equipment for the: Forging Technology, Aluminium Industry, Smelting Technology, Foundry Technology

Rail bound forging manipulator, mobile forging manipulator, furnace tending machines, anode changing machines, ladle charging truck, robot manipulator, roll changing robot, de slagging machine, ladle tilters


Mössner provides solutions for your cut off, finishing and quality check needs through integration of special custom built machinery, bandsaw machines and robotic handling. In addition, Mössner offers a broad range of services such as design and development, support of production, and evaluation.

Cutting machines for aluminium (slabs, billets, Tbars), foundry technology (degating, decoring, deburring etc., abrasive material bandsaw equipment for graphite, glass, silicon, ceramic, carbide metal


PVM manufactures die casting machines

Die casting machines


Xingshun Precision Dies Co., Ltd is one of the earliest professional manufacturers of aluminium hot extrusion dies in China, with a capacity of producing over sixty thousand dies & extrusion tools per year.

Extrusion tools, large dies, solid dies, hollow dies, container for extrusion press, multi cavity dies


ZPF therm develops, manufactures and markets industrial furnaces and related systems with a focus on the aluminum processing industry. Since its foundation in 1993, the company has established itself as Germany's leading supplier of high-quality, ecofriendly furnace systems featuring extremely innovative and reliable technology and efficient use of energy and natural resources.

Aluminum melting furnaces with cutting-edge combustion technology for top-quality melting, alloying furnaces, holding furnaces, ladling facilities and zinc melting furnaces.