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As a manufacturer-independent, cross-sectoral service provider Indu Sol assess objectively the quality and stability of industrial data networks. A reliable communication is the basis of continuous production. Safe and trouble-free operation of machines and plants are the results.

Diagnostic and service tools, infrastructure components, permanent network monitoring


With more than 40 years of experience, Balluff GmbH is today a world leading manufacturer of sensor solutions with headquarters in Neuhausen, near Stuttgart. Sophisticated technology and the most modern electronics, application-specific customer solutions and first-class service are the hallmarks of our company.

Inductive sensors, photo electric sensors, capacitive sensors, magnetic field sensors, industrial RFID, vision sensors, remote systems, micro-pulse transducers, photoelectric distance sensors, mechanical sensors, magnetic tape-distance and angle measuring systems,


Thirty-five years ago ROLLSTAR became the first manufacturer to supply both hydraulic motors and planetary gear reducers. This resulted in the emergence of the fluid motor concept which, since that time, has become synonymous with: compact dimensions, short delivery times thanks to modular design principles, customer-specific transmission solutions.

Axial piston Hydraulic motor, planetary gear boxes.


The Hueber company factory was founded at Kirn in 1909 by Heinrich Baacke and was taken over in 1984 by Rudolf Hueber.
Gradually the production of the mechanical engineering factory changed into the production of special gearboxes for any industrial branch, which are designed accordingly to the customer requirements under highest quality standards.

Soft starters, oil transformers, cast resin transformers, variable frequency drives, switch gear.


Rocla develops, manufactures and markets electric warehouse trucks and automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and information services during their lifespan.

Forklifts, CAT counterbalance trucks, AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) systems to perform repetitive and predefined logistic tasks in industry or warehouses


Buehler has always focused on the development of advanced products dedicated to defined areas of applications like gas analysis and fluid control. We are certified according to ISO 9001 by Lloyd's Register. Our philosophy has always been to accept the challenge to develop the highest standard products.

Sample gas probes, sample gas filters, sample gas pumps, sample gas coolers, flow meters, NOX converter, level switches / sensors for the monitoring of liquid level, circulation pumps, oil filter, water alarm units, filter monitoring, transducers and electronic pressure switches.


WAIRCOM MBS group was created in 1993 as a result of the acquisition of the well-known WAIRCOM trademark by MBS company. Within the span of ten years, the group has consolidated its structure, by increasing its product line and by widening its sales network, and has thus succeeded in becoming prominent as one of today's Italian leading companies specializing in the manufacture of pneumatic components for automation

Industrial pneumatic components


The machine construction company TRACTO-TECHNIK based in Lennestadt-Saalhausen develops and builds machines for the underground installation and trenchless renewal of pipelines. The customers of this steadily growing market come from all supply areas like gas, water, electricity and telecommunication as well as the sewage disposal sector.

GRUNDOMAT soil displacement hammers, the GRUNDORAM steel pipe ramming machines, the GRUNDODRILL steerable boring systems and the GRUNDOBURST rigs for the renewal of existing sewer pipes. Tube & pipe bending machines, end working machines and measuring systems