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SDT remains true to our reputation for intelligent instrument design and data management software. The launch of the SDT270 and 340 with Ultranalysis Suite software represents the evolution of ultrasound inspection. Make SDT the core component of your Predictive Maintenance (PdM) / Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) program.

Ultrasound inspection systems for maintenance , relibility and condition monitoring applications and Lubrication Monitoring.


Designer and supplier of nuclear steam supply system and nuclear equipment, services and fuel for high levels of safety and performance

EMPATH 2000 Motor Current Signature Analysis ( MCSA) , Instrumentation and control systems etc


LIMAB was founded more than 30 years ago and has a long tradition of developing laser sensors and non-contact measuring systems. The business was started in 1979 and LIMAB has since then developed into a world leader in laser based sensors and systems for dimension and defect measurements.

Pipe inspection systems , Gypsum Board Measurement systems . Slab profiler. Measurement systems for the steel , wood and other industries

czech republic

The Adash Ltd. company was founded in 1991. A private company which was established by its two owners .
Since 1994 we have been developing and producing hardware products. Today we offer a full range of vibration diagnostics equipment, from simple data collectors to advanced vibration analyzers and on-line monitoring systems. The data from the devices can be transferred to Adash software for further analysis.

Single Channel to 4 channel Vibration analyzers. Online vibration monitoring systems , Diagnostic Softwares etc


Sensortech Systems, Inc. has been the trusted name in moisture measurement and control for more than thirty years. Incorporated in 1983 Sensortech has become the global leader in applied moisture measurement technologies.

Analyzers , sensors , profilers for Gypsum industry , Food industry , petrochemicals , cement etc


Offering lubrication solutions for more than 20 years for condition monotoring ,Fluid Enhancement, Contamination control & infinity of fluids

Lubrication Filtration solutions , Varnish Removal , ESP Varnish Mitigation ,Ruler Antioxident Monitoring etc


SpectraQuest, Inc. is a leading developer and manufacturer of complete Turn-key Systems for training and diagnosis in Machine Vibration Analysis, Rotor Balancing and Shaft/Coupling Alignment. Our systems include Machinery Fault Simulators, Interactive Training Program, Data Acquisition Hardware, Software and Accessories.

Training Packages, Simulators, Prognostics ,Drive Trains ,Custom Machineries for R& D lab Universities , training centeres etc.


1973, UE Systems Inc., has been recognized as the worldwide leader in the technology of airborne ultrasound. supporting your Condition Monitoring/predictive maintenance program with the tools, techniques, training, and resources you require to satisfy all of your plant maintenance goals.

Ultrasound inspection systems for maintenance , relibility and condition monitoring applications and Lubrication Monitoring. Training and certifications ASNT & ISO level 1 and Level 2


Created in 1985 OROS designs, manufactures and markets noise and vibration signal analyzers, solutions and relative services. It masters the latest technology of data acquisition, digital signal processing as well as Windows-based graphical user interface. They are used in the major sectors of industry and research, for industrial acoustics, structural analysis and rotating machinery applications. Hardware and software are totally designed by OROS.

Multi-channel portable analyzers for vibration analysis of turbo-machinery(dynamic /transient data), structural vibration including advanced techniques like modal analysis, ODS, multi-plane balancing, sound intensity etc.


PROGNOST Systems offers Asset Performance Systems and services based on over 15 years of engineering experience in recording, analyzing and interpreting high-frequency status data for reciprocating piston machines. PROGNOST Systems offers the only system in the industry that records and analyzes status data in real time and compares them using "pattern recognition" based on actual experience. It provides machine operators with a timely analysis of the causes in the form of plain text information.

Online condition monitoring and protection systems for reciprocating compressors and pump s. Includes advanced monitoring functions like safety analyses, wear monitoring, lubrication monitoring, valve monitoring, early failure detection, process data analyses and performance optimization


Mobius offers vibration analysis training courses, certification and products and that are unique in the industry. You will learn, understand and retain far more thanks to the 3D animations, software simulations, and unique training approach.

Vibration analysis tutorials: I Learn Vibration with animations, case studies, test rig Shaft alignment tutorial


Algae-X International is a flexible, innovative and rapidly growing company in the field of fluid treatment. Specializing in fuel conditioning, treatment, filtration and Emission Control Technologies, "Total Fuel System Management". The headquarters and manufacturing facilities are based in Florida, USA with an extensive multi-national distribution network. Algae-X International provides innovative high quality solutions, products and engineering services to Customers worldwide.

Fuel filtration systems, tank cleaning systems, fuel polishing systems, fuel filtration and separation, fuel conditioners, fuel additives


The company was founded in 1969 in Barcelona (Spain), and has specialised in acoustics since its inception. Cesva manufacture acoustic equipment and instruments, in particular sound level meters and condenser microphones. They also have their own R+D department and patents.

Sound analyzers, sound level meters, dosimeters, calibrators for vehicle noise testing, sound insulation measurements, sound power measurements, environmental measurements, noise measurements for air conditioning installations.


Since1914, the Hermann Holzapfel GmbH & Co is developing and manufactoring innovative products in the areas of compressed air preparation and accessories, garage equipment and autogenous and propane welding technology in Stuttgart, Germany.

Compressed air treatment solutions, sand blasting guns, washing guns, welding accessories, pressure gauges, garage equipment


The company Gullyver offers technical solutions to your TV inspection. Dedicated staff in development, production and service as well as our cooperation with a few of the best other producers in this area enable us to offer you (almost) everything you will need for your TV inspection, from economic standard systems up to specialised solutions.

Inspection systems for ducts and pipes, manholes, vertical pipes with 90° bends, pipes with different diameter


For over 80 years, the name Hilger u. Kern has stood for innovative solutions, high quality products as well as customer focus and accessibility.
Hilger u. Kern is one of Germany's leading providers of technically sophisticated and innovative capital equipment.

Digital belt tension measurement system, ultrasonic leak detectors


Established in 1985, Industrial scientific is a leading supplier of fixed and portable multi-gas detection systems

Portable single gas detectors, portable multi-gas detectors, fixed transmitters, fixed controllers


Prisma Teknik has 20 years' experience of developing and manufacturing unique, high-quality products with advanced and reliable technology

Electronic crankshaft deflection indicator, ovality kit for measuring cylinder liner ovality


AFRISO is an innovative company manufacturing measuring, control and monitoring devices for building technology, industry and environmental protection.

Test instruments for level sensors, condensate water test instruments, leak test sets for gas and oil pipes, volume flow and temperature measurement, water analysis instruments, flue gas analysis computer


DMT GmbH Co. KG is an independent engineering and consulting company which specializes in the sectors of natural resources exploration, product testing and building safety, construction and infrastructure, mining and coke making technology as well as industrial testing and measuring technology.

Geodetic measuring systems, geophysical measuring systems, geotechnical measuring systems, components and techniques for emission reduction, testing products


GERB Vibration Control Systems has been founded in 1908 with the aim to provide solutions for vibration control as well as vibration isolation of machinery and equipment using spring elements.

Vibration isolation of critical machinery, mass dampers, pipe work dampers, elastic support of diesel generator sets, building isolation, earthquake protection, elastic support for steam and gas turbines

United Kingdom

Hydrotechnik offers a wide range of Flow metering products/solutions for today's ever changing market. They have a wealth of experience in helping the customer to choose the most cost effective measurement solution for their application.

Measurement and test sensors for flow, pressure, temperature, RPM, current, voltage, analog and digital pressure gauges, microbore high pressure flexible hose, assemblies, fittings and accessories


Lasertex Co. Ltd.is a high-tech company based in Poland, EU. The company was founded in 1989. In our laboratories we design and build precise laser equipment for measuring wide range of shifts - from single nanometers up to tens of meters - at highest achievable accuracies.

Laser interferometer, laser measurement systems, laser encoder


Morgan Schaffer is a private corporation with headquarters in Montreal, Canada. Today, with clients in over 75 countries, Morgan Schaffer is a world leading supplier of Dissolved Gas Analysis services and monitoring solutions for large HV transformers.

Condition assessment of large high voltage transformers using dissolved gas analysis (DGA), monitor moisture in oil using portable and online systems.


QPS Photronics Inc is a company which specializes in fiber grating based sensors and systems for machine condition monitoring, and equipment used in other vibration-related or temperature-related applications.

Condition Monitoring with Vibro fibre sensors, TG Guard system for measuring both vibration and hot spots in turbine generators, Fiber optics Air gap/Rotor vibration sensor


Vatron gmbh is a subsidiary of voestalpine and Siemens VAI. Their core expertise is in development, production and startup of mechatronic measurement and control devices for industrial systems.

Online visualization of processing conditions in steel mills, 3 D measurement of mould, measurement of taper in casting process, contact free geometrical measurement in industrial environment

New Zealand

Established in 1978, Aucom produced the world’s first range of commercially viable soft starters. Now AuCom expands the range to include a wider range of industrial electronics, motor control centres and switchgear to create a complete solution

Soft starters, oil transformers, cast resin transformers, variable frequency drives, switch gear.


BPL Global, Ltd. (BPLG) is a smart grid technology company dedicated to leading the transformation of energy and information delivery. The company

Substation automation, grid management, distributed supply management, load management.


Dynamic Ratings is part of the Wilson Transformer group of companies, which include design, development, manufacture and service of distribution and power transformer.

Transformer monitoring systems; provide all transformer monitoring components on one single sub panel which is typically installed in the main transformer control panel.


ENERGY SUPPORT GmbH is a service and distribution company which is specialized in test - and measurement equipment for the Electric Power Industry.

Dielectric strength testing, Water content measurement, Tan Delta measurement in transformer oil, Total gas content measurement, Automatic vacuum degassing


LogicLab s.r.l. is a company specialized in designing hardware, firmware and software for measurement, control and protection devices that are used in all areas of the industrial market where operating reliability is a fundamental requirement.

Overcurrent protection in MV Substation, substation monitoring, digital fault and event recorder, protection relay test equipment, Extended remote management for electrical substation, automatic load shed.


With annual sales of $10 billion for fiscal year 2010, Parker Hannifin is the world's leading diversified manufacturer of motion and control technologies and systems, providing precision-engineered solutions for a wide variety of commercial, mobile, industrial and aerospace markets.

Instrumentation products consisting of regulators, valves, seals, tubing etc.


Rieker manufactures accurate, rugged inclinometers, boom angle indicators, custom slip indicators, and tilt warning devices. Our inclinometers are used by multiple industries including: Agriculture, Aviation, Construction, Drilling, Government, Industrial, Marine, Military, Mining, and Transportation.

Digital and analog inclinometers, circular bubble levels, slip indicators, graiometers, tilt switches, boom angle indicators, ball bank indicators.


SIOS, the company for development and manufacture of laser interferometric precision metrological instrumentation in the form of fittable measurement devices or complete measuring equipment for measuring lengths, angles, weights, forces, pressures and vibratory motions

Laser-Interferometric Gauging Probe, Miniature Retroreflector Interferometer, MI Series, Miniature Plane-Mirror Interferometer, SP Series, Nano Vibration Analyzer


Founded in June 1990, Zensol Automation Inc. is devoted to research and development of solutions for the electrical energy industry. The company has developed several products, particularly for circuit breakers, reclosers and transformers from the lowest to the highest voltage (800 kV)

Circuit breaker vibration analyzer, Recloser analyzer, Tap changer, Circuit breaker simulator


Since 1860,Doedijns International B.V. has built up a leading position in the energy sector (oil & gas), the maritime & dredging industry and high-end machine building in the field of hydraulics, instrumentation, pneumatics and controls,

Hydraulic oil filters consisting various categories for Air conditioners/purifiers, bypass filters, off-line filters, off-line filters with water sorb, off-line filters heated, vacuum dehydration units, filter elements, condition monitoring system for particle count, temperature, humidity in oil.